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COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the world, however, it has not shaken our resolve to help the people of Radcliffe to lose weight, tone up and be healthier and fitter than ever before.

We've made some dramatic changes to the way we work to ensure all our members are safe and you can view an overview of our new guidelines here: https://youtu.be/R9CTE1Q39xY 

About Us

At Durable Fitness we only work with people who want to lose weight, tone up or just be generally healthier and fitter.

We're a gym for normal people with normal goals who might not currently go to the gym because they are nervous about attending a regular gym, don't know what they are doing or don't have the motivation to do it themselves.

We work with all our members to overcome any barriers to achieving their goals. We are hands on from Day 1  and you're never left alone having to figure it out yourself.

Let Durable Fitness help you achieve your goals.


28 Day Kickstart

Your first 4 weeks with us is your 28 Day Kickstart. During this time we will help you to establish good habits both in terms of training regularly and eating better.

We use your 28 Day Kickstart to show you what is possible and we are focused on helping you achieve your goals.

How it works:


Step 1: The application

  • You fill in our online application form where you'll give us an idea of your main goal

  • We will contact you (normally via text) within 24 hours to arrange a chat over the phone about your goals and how we might be able to help

Step 2: The Consultation

  • We'll give you a call at the arranged time for an informal chat

  • We like to know if you've trained before, if you've dieted before and any concerns you might have

  • We'll talk you through what we do at Durable Fitness.

  • We'll answer any questions you might have

  • The purpose of the consultation is not to give you the hard sell but to help put you at ease as many people can be nervous about starting at a new gym.

Step 3: Boot Camp

  • You'll complete at least 3 x Boot Camp style sessions designed for all abilities, shapes and sizes. All sessions are instructor led

  • Our sessions are designed so you can go at your own pace, a pace which is challenging and focused on making progress

  • We have a flexible timetable allowing you to train early mornings, evenings or weekends. You can see our timetable by clicking here

  • Including the warm up our sessions are 30 minutes long.

  • You can attend an unlimited number of sessions

Step 4: The Diet

  • The key to weight loss is getting the diet right and we'll help you with this from Day 1

  • We are not going to reinvent the wheel, provide you with a diet plan which is impossible to follow or ask you to start eating Kale three times a day

  • We'll introduce simple daily habits which we know if done consistently will have a dramatic impact

Step 5: The Accountability

  • Planning is easy, sticking to it is the difficult part

  • Your appointed coach will be in regular contact to make sure you're on track and help you overcome any barriers you might face

  • We offer daily accountability and you'll check-in weekly with your coach to reflect on your progress and how the previous week has gone, it's also your chance to plan for the challenges in the week ahead

Step 6: Celebrate and Maintain

  • At the end of the 28 Day Kickstart it's time to for you and your coach to pause and take stock of the progress you've made

  • Our average weight loss over the first 28 Days is between 7-10lbs

  • Most importantly, the Kickstart will have established some solid habits which will keep the results coming

  • You will have all the tools you need to continue alone, but if you become a member you will continue to receive our ongoing support. However, there are never any contracts

Your 28 Day Kickstart is:


If you're not happy with your results and support throughout the 28 Day Kickstart you will get a full refund.

What our members say about us...

It's easy for us to say how great we are, however why not have a read of what our members have to say about us. You can read more reviews at facebook.com/fitnessthatlasts

"In July I decided I needed to loss weight and get a lot fitter. I had never been to a gym before as I knew myself well enough to know that working out on my own I would soon lose motivation to go. That is when I saw an advert on Facebook for Durable Fitness which advertised group training sessions. I decided to sign up and give it a go and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I will admit to being more than a little nervous when I went for my first session, I knew that I was very unfit and didn’t want to make a fool of myself but from the moment I stepped through the doors I was made to feel very welcome not just by Dan but by everyone else as well. I may have started the session very nervous but I ended it with a big smile on my face (and very tired) and knowing I wanted to come back. Dan is always on hand to give encouragement and help push yourself a little bit more each time and if its not Dan then its one of the other members of the group who are all very supportive.

Every 4 weeks Dan changes the sessions so your not doing the same exercises each week and I always look forward to what new challenges await.

This is not just a review for what I consider to be an amazing gym but it is also a thank you as well, to Dan who has been fantastic and has gotten me to a point where I am the fittest I have ever been, though plenty of room for improvement :)but also my fellow gym members who have all been amazing and together they make my 3 a week sessions one of the highlights of my week every time. I would highly recommend Durable Fitness to everyone and if I could give more than 5 stars I would."


"Love this fitness class, it's been 13 wks of sweat and laughs and at nearly 2 stone lighter one of the best decisions I made , come and give us a try you'll not look back"


"I stumbled upon Durable Fitness by accident, and I'm glad I did. I find the gym boring, and really struggled to stay committed, but the DF sessions are so much fun, and Dan keeps them fresh by changing them every 4 weeks. I've never seen so many smiling faces during an fitness session. That's not to say it isn't hard work, if Dan thinks your motivation isn't there, he is straight over to encourage you to get the best out of yourself.


There is no ego here either, it's like a small family, everyone is very supportive, and so friendly, so my "newbie nerves" soon faded, and although I've only been here a short time, I feel like I've been part of the team for years. It's a really positive atmosphere.


Dan has a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition and I have learned so much already from his informative blogs/posts, on eating habits, and expelling a lot of the myths out there regarding dieting and quick fixes when it comes to weight loss.


I have started to lose weight and inches, and feel a lot more confident, so a big thank you Dan and team."


"I started at Durable Fitness two months ago and have started to feel confident in my body and mind again! Working out in a friendly environment with others spurring you on is fab. Fab training and great bootcamp classes"


"Durable has been a life change. I first saw the advert on Facebook and couldn’t believe it. I’d just quit smoking and needed an output that wasn’t costly and didn’t impact my family life, up step Dan. I explained what I wanted, which was to run a 10k under 54m and 5k under 27, and Dan sent me on my way. Nervous around new people it lasted for minutes, Dans great at mixing people’s energy and makes sure at all times it can be both productive and fun. The musics questionable but again, he enjoys giving us a chance at impressing the group. I’ve lost nearly 2 stone, I’m running 5k in just over 25 minutes and more importantly I feel fitter. Ta Dan"


"I saw an advert on Facebook for durable fitness and was automatically drawn to applying, i had a meeting with Dan who explained what to expect from the sessions, I was very happy therefore signed up. I was a little apprehensively at first as I’ve always had a buddy to go with but this time it was just me.

I joined and have been coming to the ladies bootcamp since August and can honestly say it’s the best bootcamp I’ve ever been to, the session runs for 4 weeks then it changes which is great and each session I walk away with aches & (good) pains

Dan is very encouraging and pushes you to your maximum, most days it’s like having a PT session, which I’ve never experienced at any other gym/bootcamp.

The ladies are amazing and everyone makes you feel very welcome and they motivate you if they see you struggling.

I’ve never actually looked forward to going to any gym class or bootcamp as I’ve always got bored but I do now and have seen a difference in my fitness and physique thanks to dan.

I would highly recommend durable fitness to everyone."


"I joined DF about month ago , after trying multiple gyms and classes and giving up each time. I enjoy coming to DF to workout. Dan is a great instructor and made me feel at ease from very beginning. All the ladies in the class are very welcoming and work as a team."




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