Biggest Loser Early Bird Entry

We are currently accepting Early Bird Entries for our hugely successful 6 Week Biggest Loser Challenge. The next challenge is due to start in October.

When you sign up for the Early Bird Entry you will receive be the first to hear when we start accepting applications.

What you can expect from us...

As a Biggest Loser Challenger you will receive:

  • Our Biggest Loser Welcome Seminar

  • Six Weeks of coached training at our Gym in Radcliffe

  • Access to a flexible timetable so you’re able to train at times which suit you best

  • A fully coached nutrition programme

  • Daily check-ins to make sure you get the most from the 6 weeks

  • Over 1,000 recipes via our online recipe App

  • A 6 week nutrition course covering everything you need to keep your results for the rest of your life

  • Home workouts so you can make progress even when you’re not at the gym

  • A chance to be crowned the Biggest Loser, which is a £150 cash prize. There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd.

The challenge is suitable for all ability levels and we’ll help you every step of the way.

All of the above is just £79, keeping reading for all the details.

What we expect from you...

  1. You must be able to attend at least 2 of our gym sessions a week for the 6 weeks. (See our flexible timetable below)

  2. You must walk at least 10,000 steps every day or do one of our home workouts

  3. You must check-in with us daily so we are able to keep you on track (this takes about 30 secs from your phone using our online check-in system)

  4. You must weigh in at the gym weekly

We are so confident with the progress you’ll make, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results at the end of the programme we'll provide a full refund.

How to sign up...

We’re pretty sure you’ll have plenty of questions about the challenge, but here is a little bit of what to expect once you sign up:

  • Once we receive your application we’ll normally send you a text message, typically within 24 hours but often much sooner, to arrange a time for you to come along to the gym for a brew and a 121 chat. (We can also arrange time to chat on the phone if that’s more convenient)

  • When you come to the gym we’ll ask questions about your goals so we better understand the help you need.

  • We’ll show you around the gym and explain exactly how the challenge works, including how our sessions are easily adaptable to suit all abilities.

  • There is never any pressure to sign up, we'll never give you the hard sell.

  • If you do decide to sign up we’ll invite you to come along to our Welcome Seminar on Sat 12th May so we can coach you through the nutrition programme.

  • For the following 6 week we’ll be on hand to guide you through the challenge and answer any questions you might have.

What results can you expect...

We’ve had some incredible results from our 6 Week Biggest Loser Challenge, here is how our last group of challengers got on:

  • As a group the challengers lost an incredible 199lbs

  • The average weight loss was 10lbs

  • Our challengers as a group lost a total of 116cm around their middle, the average was 6cm

  • Our Biggest Loser lost an amazing 31.6lbs and 15cm around his middle

Our approach to diet and exercise is sustainable so you’ll not only achieve amazing results but can easily maintain them forever.

What our challengers said about the 6 Weeks...

It’s easy for us to say how amazing the challenge is but it has a lot more weight coming from people who have already completed the challenge. Below are some of the reviews from our previous challengers.

“Joined the biggest loser challenge 6wks ago and it was the best thing i did. Classes are great and the hour goes very quick. Atmosphere is good, Dan and Becki are really supportive and are always happy to help. Diet advice was great and lost over half a stone and inches. Can’t wait to keep it going. Thanks for letting me be part of it”


“It might sound a bit OTT but the 6 week Biggest Loser Challenge has really transformed my health & lifestyle. I always thought I ate a healthy diet but this programme showed me I was eating WAY too much for my size - contributing to a steady weight gain of over 2 stone over the past few years. I was in complete denial that it was normal to put on a bit of weight here and there and that it was due to age/genetics etc. The training, seminars, support and advice we received made this one of the easiest training programmes I have ever done. I lost 12lb in 6 weeks with very little effort and maximum fun. Dan & Becki are so friendly and approachable - if you think you've got obstacles preventing you from joining a gym - they've seen it all before and will welcome you. Guys, just do it - best thing you'll ever do!”


“I took part in the 6 weeks biggest loser challenge. I was nervous at first at joining a gym environment but Durable Fitness isn't like your average gym. You feel welcome and part of the gym from the beginning and every part of your body gets a good workout during each boot camp. I have lost a total of 19.2 lbs during my 6 weeks. I still have a long way to go and am looking forward to being a permanent member of Durable Fitness now that the challenge is over. The 6 weeks hasn't just given me a kick up the bum to start losing weight but it has also made me aware of my eating habits.”


“What an amazing gym, signed up for the 6 weeks biggest loser, I have honestly loved every gym session, it’s friendly, you can work at your own pace but still feel like you’re being challenged and the best thing is the support you get from Dan and Becky ! I would highly recommend.”


“Signed up to the 6 week biggest loser. Dan and Becki have been really supportive. Have really enjoyed the last 6 weeks, great group of people and atmosphere at the gym. Would recommend to anyone looking for a kick up the backside.”


“The best 6 weeks ever, becki and dan are so supportive and have been with me all the way #6weekbigestloser”


“I have had the best experience ever with Durable Fitness! Dan and Becki are amazing they really push and support you. I took part in the biggest looser programme for the last 6 weeks and have been amazed by how much my fitness levels have increased and my size decrease. Thanks for everything.”


“I took part in the Durable Fitness Biggest Looser Challenge at DF. The training was fantastic and suitable for all levels. The support from both the staff and the group I was training with was brilliant and it really helped me towards my goal. Training here and with the help they gave me with dieting, I have managed to lose 10lbs in 5 weeks, and it feels I have made changes to my habits for the better. I can't thank DF enough, Dan and Becky especially for all your help. Thank you!”


You can read more reviews on our Facebook page at

When can I train...

The challenge includes 3 training sessions a week, but we ask as a minimum you aim to complete at least 2 a week throughout the 6 weeks. (Don't worry about the different colours)

Any questions...

If you have any questions at all you can send us a message via our Facebook page or email



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