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Applications close Midnight Fri 24th

We know how demotivating and monotonous lockdown is, because we're going through it too. It's as if exercising and eating well wasn't hard enough, why not throw in the lack of structure and boredom that comes from being trapped in all day into the mix too.


To combat this, for both your and our own sanity, we have created an online, home based version of our successful 28 Day Kickstart starting Sat 25th April.

So, if you would like to make the most of your time in lockdown and learn how you can lose weight and tone up at home, then our FREE 28 Day Online Kickstart is for you.

How it works:

Step 1: The application

We want to know from Day 1 exactly what you need help with. So, in the same way our members first join the gym, you need to complete an application form which will tell us more about your goals along with some other important information we need.

After the application form is completed, you need to join the Facebook group for the challenge. This is where we will guide you through the 28 Days. Search Facebook for "Durable Fitness FREE 28 Day Kickstart" or click here and request to join.

The challenge is completely FREE, you can read below why we are doing this for FREE.


Step 2: The Induction - Sat 25th April

After reading this page you will have a good idea of what to expect from the 28 Day Kickstart, however one of our coaches will guide you through everything in the induction.​

The induction will be at 11am on Sat 25th April and our 28 Day Kickstart will begin Mon 27th April.

Step 3: The Exercise

​Even if you are a regular at the gym, it's likely your routine has been completely shattered to pieces recently. Over the 28 days we are going to reintroduce a bit of structure into our lives.

We'll start by getting you out of bed and kickstarting your day by joining you for a workout via Facebook LIVE at 8am Mon-Fri. No more slobbing around in your pjs all day.... (we've been guilty of this too). If you can't make 8am; you can catch up later.


The sessions are designed so anyone can take part, it doesn't matter what your starting fitness level is. You don't need any equipment, but if you have weights, if you wish to, you can use them for some of the exercises.

We'll provide you with a scorecard for each session so you can see the improvements you're making.

Step 4: The Diet

Knowing the right thing to do with your diet is made harder by the fact we are bombarded constantly on social media and on the news of the newest diet craze, which seem to contradict the craze from just a month ago.

We are going to tackle this head on. Over the next 28 days, rather than giving you a strict diet plan we are going to help you overcome some of the common misconceptions regarding diet and help you understand where you should actually be placing your efforts.

Each day there will be a short 5-10 min video with practical advise to guide you through the 28 days. At the end of the 28 days you'll know exactly how to build habits to not only keep the results  coming but you'll be able to keep them forever. 

Step 5: The Accountability

Typically, creating a plan is the easy bit, following it through is a lot harder. Don't worry, we'll be there every step of the way.

We'll be asking you to confirm each day. via an online check in form, that you've completed a workout and you've completed a daily action we'll be setting you in the nutrition video. (This should only take you about 5 mins).

So, in summary

  • Let us help you get some routine back in your life

  • We'll be asking for no more than 60 mins each day

  • Fill the application in online

  • Search Facebook for "Durable Fitness FREE 28 Day Kickstart"

  • You'll take part in a 30 min workout via Facebook LIVE (or catch up later)
  • Then you'll watch a 5-10 min nutrition video which will give you an easy, habit building task to complete each day

  • Finally, you'll confirm to our coaches you've completed each task daily via an online check in form which will take no more than 5-10 mins.

  • At the end of the 28 days you'll feel amazing and will have established awesome habits.

Your Online 28 Day Kickstart is:


But why...

As an independent gym, the government lockdown, which we fully support, is a massive blow to our business. Our hope is if you benefit from our 28 day kickstart and you live close to our gym in Radcliffe, you might consider joining us. However, there is no commitment and we hope we can help as many people as possible during a difficult time. 



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