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A Message From Dan

Dear All

As this coronavirus issue takes hold, I feel there is an inevitability we may be forced to close the gym for 2-3 weeks by the government.

To counteract this, we have put several contingency plans in place already and will continue to adapt what we do in order to keep as much normality as possible for you all.

I’d really appreciate if you could all take a few minutes to please read through this post carefully as it contains lots of information on how we will continue to serve you the best we can. Please see the Facebook Page and the DF News section of the app to stay up to date.

1) This week at Durable Fitness.

All sessions this week will continue as normal unless you receive notice otherwise.

We are keen to practice social distancing in the gym, so we request that physical contact is kept to a minimum and that all members wash their hands before arriving or when they arrive at the gym.

2) Home Workouts

We have started to record a series of home workout videos you can access from YouTube should you need to isolate and are still able to train. These are in addition to our challenge videos which are already there.

The sessions will primarily be bodyweight exercises, but we might introduce some KB or dumbbell exercises as we know some of our members have these at home. They will remain short, but you can obviously do multiple sessions at once if you wish.

These will be posted Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5am so there will be something available should you want to maintain your routine of training at your normal time. The first of these will be posted Wednesday 18th at 5am.

3) If you’re self-isolating

Sitting at home by yourself can lead to all sorts of temptation. We don’t want you to feel alone or undo all the work you have done. So, please let me know if you are having to self-isolate. We will set up a system of accountability so we can keep your food and training on track from home.

4) Session delivery if a team member has to self-isolate

Should a member of the team develop any symptoms consistent with the coronavirus we will ensure they self-isolate for the 7 days suggested. Whilst we will do our best to run a full timetable, I hope you understand I do not wish to exhausted other team members and may have to run a reduced timetable, especially if multiple team members are off.

5) Session delivery if we are forced to close

Closing could potentially mean the hard work you’ve put in to getting into the habit of training is broken, so we’ll be doing our best to make sure this isn’t the case. I have some ideas of how we could provide accountability for training whilst away from the gym but I’m still developing them. I will keep you updated on these.

Through this incredibly unique time I am keen for Durable Ftiness to be a welcome constant in your lives and that some coaching is available both on the training and nutrition side.

I will part ask, and part beg; please stand by us during this time if you can - some friends of mine have a massive task ahead to save their businesses because members have cancelled their memberships en-masse. I want to ensure that when this is all over that we all still have a gym to call home.

In exchange for your loyalty at this time, I propose the following:

If in the future you were to experience financial hardship and wish to continue training we will come to an arrangement to support you through this time, as we have done with some of our members previously.

I know that some of you during this time may have no choice but to pause your memberships, again I appreciate that this is an incredibly challenging time and if you do have to then please let me know because I will want to continue offering you support where we can.

But if you are in a position to keep your membership live and allow us to continue trying our best to coach you throughout this time of uncertainty it will be very very much appreciated by the entire DF team. Our number 1 goal right now is to ensure that you have a gym to come back to in the event we have to close for a few weeks.

If you have any questions, then please let me know and I will update as and when more information is available.

Kind regards

Dan and the DF team.

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