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Apply Now - Biggest Loser start Sat 28th March


The next Biggest Loser Challenge will start on Saturday 28th March, the deadline to take part in the challenge will be Sunday 22nd March at 24:00.

This will be our last FREE Biggest Loser for members. Please find more information regarding this in the video.


The challenge consists of:

- Daily Check-ins

-Weekly Check- ins

-Weekly Weigh-ins

-Completing a 6 Week Overview Planner

-Your hard work and self-discipline

Taking part in the challenge opens the doors for us to help you. Your coach is yours to support you, help you and guide you along your weight loss journey! Let’s work together to achieve your goals!

If you would like to take part in the challenge, please take the time to think about what you are committing to as the challenge is 6 weeks long. Can you commit to yourself for 6 weeks?

Things to think about:


-School Holidays



-Work Commitments

These events do not need to be hurdles but they are times when we see many people fall off track therefore we ask you to plan them using a 6 week overview planner so you are prepared. We hope to be able to teach you how to enjoy yourself but still lose weight at the same time as life is filled with lots of factors that can prevent you from sticking to a diet.

Overview planners can be found in the gym in the silver tray where the sessions are. Planning is key when it comes to most things in life, for you to achieve your best results for yourself we need you to give it your best.

Before clicking this link please take the time to grab an overview planner from the gym, sit down and plan your 6 weeks during the challenge! You have a few weeks to decide if you can commit to the challenge.

Sign Up Link:

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