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August Update

As promised I wanted to update you on some of the bits we have coming up.

New Sessions

In the month we’ve been back post lockdown there has been a change in our busiest sessions. In response to this, from Week Commencing 7th September we will be adding new sessions to the timetable. We are always reviewing the timetable and will add and takeaway sessions to meet demand. Here’s a summary of what we will be adding.

Tues & Thurs - 7am, 9:00am & 9:30am

Mon-Thurs - 4:30pm

Sat 8:30am

Booking rules

It’s great to see how eager you all are to get your sessions booked in, however we are encountering some difficulties with session bookings. It is exceptionally rare that any session actually ends up being full. However, when you look at the booking app there are many sessions always showing full. It’s not until the day itself that slots come available as people who were previously booked cancel their sessions.

Currently you are able to book sessions at least 4 weeks in advance, however, reviewing cancellations, it suggests these are often changed closer to the time. Therefore, we are going to be limiting future books to 1 week in advance. We hope to see this will present a more accurate picture in the booking app.

The Move

Sadly, the move will no longer be going ahead. We did receive planning permission from the council, however, the conditions would have meant we were unable to run our 5am sessions and required us to soundproof the building to prevent any noise passing through to the residential property next door. This and some of the terms of the lease have meant it no longer made commercial sense to press ahead, especially during such uncertain times.

What does the future hold… Honestly? We are considering our options. We are back in talks with the landlord to do work at our current place, but we’ve not completely scrapped the idea of a move. We will update you when we know more.

4 Week Check In

We will be introducing a 4 Weekly Check In process where you can let your coach know in detail how you’re getting on. This doesn’t mean you can’t message them if you need anything, but we just want to try to be less ad-hoc about the support we provide. More details will be coming out about this soon, we will be starting this the week after the 28 Day Kickstart.

Transformation Challenge

We all know you like a little challenge. Following the end of the 28 Day Kickstart, we will be introducing a transformation challenge. It’s going to be one of the most simple challenges we’ve done and there will be prizes and merchandise to win.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to leave them in the Facebook group or message me directly.

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