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It's time to reopen

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Here's a summary of what's in the video.

Important bits:

-Price Aug £26, Sept - £35, Oct & Nov - £39 and December will be priced depending on how long we are closed for Xmas.

- There will be no lives next week as the full team are in the gym getting things ready for reopen. Why not play back some of the older ones instead?

- New timetable is available on the website now and are available to book on the app. Sessions remain unlimited but please don't book back to back sessions until 6pm the day before.

- Sessions are 30 minutes and you'll remain in one place the entire time. All the equipment you need will be available in your area. The sessions are programmed so across all 3 sessions you'll get a good mix of all the muscle groups and cardio.

- The first two session cycles will be 3 weeks and then we'll move back to 4 week cycles.

- We open properly from Saturday. As a welcome back we'll be running challenge style sessions ie 1000 rep challenge, AMRAP etc

- We'll be running Zoom sessions for those who are shielding, inline with our normal timetable. These will be available for everyone to get on, if they are not being used we will stop doing them. So make sure you use them if you want to take part.

- From 3rd August we invite all members to take part in our 28 Day Kickstart, (you don't pay any extra for this). During the 28 Days you'll get lots of accountability from your coach to reset your habits in terms of training, diet and activity. There will be daily check-ins so we know you are on track.

- The price for newbies on the 28 Day Kickstart is £28 if they sign up during August. So let your friends and family know, it's going to go back up to it's usual £45 after this.

- There are 2 new parts of the app. There is a COVID-19 section were you can review the rules we have in place. There is a "Your Membership" section where you can submit holidays and cancel or suspend your membership. Please don't send these requests to your coach. Becki​ will confirm these have been actioned.

- Unfortunately we won't be allowing kids to attend whilst we are enforcing social distancing

We will be contacting everyone directly over the next week, but feel free to get in touch with your coach with any questions you might have.

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