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LockDown 3.0

What would make you feel better in 4 weeks time? Would being half a stone lighter help? How about feeling fitter and having that spring back in your step? Or simply spending less time on the sofa and having more energy?

We’ve had a false start to 2021 and if like me, your training goals have suffered, don’t worry. Now’s the time to get going and I’m here to help.

Let me be your PT. Let me share responsibility for your goals and coach you. I’m going to help YOU with strategies to fit around YOUR lockdown life.

What can you expect?

  • See your fitness improve with a regular fitness test, measuring your cardio, strength and endurance

  • Workout in your own time and choose from 25 or 40 minute sessions, with 3 recorded sessions a week and more variety from week to week.

  • More focus on getting the most from each exercise in these PT style sessions.

  • Easy to follow diet support in our new nutrition course.

  • Smash through any barriers with my help. We’ll message or chat on the phone and decide strategies to fit everything around your routine. I’m on hand the entire time

  • Review your progress together at the end of each week.

  • Feel accountable with an optional daily check in

  • Option to borrow equipment you may need from the gym for an extra £5

What you need to do next

  • Let me help you kickstart by signing up before Fri 22nd at midnight:

  • Determine your goals and submit them by midday on Sunday 24th

  • Ask for help, I’ll be available on Sunday 24th between 12pm and 5pm to help you get set up and then on hand throughout.

  • Spare 10 mins to watch the 1st nutrition course and be prepared to start on Monday 25th

  • Measure your fitness using the fitness test for the first time before Monday 25th January

To get back on the track with my help, it’s just £39 a month until we reopen or you cancel. Loaning equipment is an extra £5.

Click here before midnight on Fri 22nd:

You can post any questions in the comments, via WhatsApp to 07794259395 or email

I can’t wait to start working with you again!

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