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Our response to the Coronavirus

We've had a number of questions about what we are doing to mitigate the risk of the Coronavirus at DF.

Unfortunately, there are not currently an official guidelines for a facility like DF so I've been keeping up to date with the advice from the UK Government and the NHS and used this advice to identify areas of concern.

As a result we will be implementing the current actions with immediate effect:

1) Encouraging all members to wash their hands before arriving for a session and after leaving. Soap and warm water is available at the gym but logistically it's more practical to if people wash their hands away from the gym.

2) Team members will not handshake or high five until further notice on exit.

3) The InBody will be out of use until further notice. There are a set of scales available next to the InBody which we suggest keeping your shoes on whilst using which provide a weight of approx 1.5lbs more than the InBody. The wipes we use on the InBody are not anti-bacterial and they can't be used on the machine as it can damage the plates.

4) We will be increasing the amount of cleaning done between session blocks, focusing on the areas members touch. Unfortunately, it's impossible to do this between each session, hence why we recommend to wash your hands before and afterwards.

5) We will ask all members with a new continuous cough or a high temperature to stay out of the gym for 7 days.

Please contact me directly on 07794259395 if you have any concerns you wish to raise or if you are suffering with symptoms.

We will be continuing to review the official advice and will provide updates where necessary. The best place to stay up to date is the news section of the app.


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