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Sorry, we are closing

Hey guys,

I just wanted to quickly summarise the Facebook Live update I provided earlier.

Unfortunately, through the night I’ve been suffering with symptoms consistent with having to self-isolate. Though I feel generally ok I believe we must be responsible in our actions.

Due to the amount of time as a team we have spent together, particularly over the last week we’ve decided the best thing to do is to close the gym for in gym sessions for 2 weeks.

We will however be continuing to provide you with home training options.

At 4:05pm today Amy & G will be completing a live stream of Session 3. This will be the last session streamed for the week as I want to give the team the weekend off to recover from an exhausting week.

Live streams via Facebook will then resume next week in line with the temporary timetable, where we will be streaming at 5 past the hour for most sessions. For example, we will stream on Monday at 5:05am, 6:05am, 7:05am, 9:35am, 5:05pm, 6:05pm & 7:05pm. We will post streaming times on Facebook.

We appreciate anyone not on Facebook can’t access the streams, but we are working hard to find alternative options.

On top of the live streams we are producing additional home workouts, which include bodyweight, kettlebells, bands and ones for kids, which will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so everyone can access them.

The Biggest Loser is still going ahead. I will be Live streaming an update of how that will work tomorrow (Sat 21st March).

We will provide a firmer date for reopening closer to the time.

One thing I forgot to mention on the live, we are looking at having a commercial cleaning company complete a full sanitization of the gym before we reopen for your piece of mind.

Finally, thank you so so much for the support you have all shown us at what is an incredibly difficult time for everyone. We really appreciate it and are feeling very humbled. You guys are what make DF so special.

See you all soon


PS our event organiser in chief Katie will be organising the best Awards Evening ever after all this is over.

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