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Thanks for your patience...

I just want to give you a quick update. We are facing our most difficult decision yet following the recent announcement as there doesn't seem to be an obvious step forward in July.

I've read a lot of your great ideas, there are just a lot of practicalities which need to be worked out. When we make our decision we don't want anyone to feel their suggestion was ignored so I thought I'd let you in with some of the considerations we are having to contend with:

  • Outdoor sessions could be held, so we are able to do instructor led sessions with some equipment

  • However, outdoor sessions are limited to 6 people including the instructor. This gives us obvious capacity and availability issues as we had 350 members before we closed

  • We could run 2 groups simultaneously, which would increase capacity but would require 2 coaches at the same time, so likely we would have to end the entire teams furlough. Also, is this still technically flaunting the rules if we are running two groups in the same general area.

  • We could potentially run zoom sessions from the gym, more in line with our usual timetable ie 5am, 6am etc. Provides more interaction but does it really help the people who are struggling to get going?

  • Run a mixture of zoom and outdoor sessions. Still cause capacity issues

  • Weather could cause havoc to outdoor sessions and cancellations are likely to cause more even more capacity issues

  • Running additional sessions Tues and Thurs morning would allow additional capacity, but would stretch the team too thinly and put too much financial pressure on the business.

  • The length of the closure. If it's an additionally 2 weeks we can make bolder decisions than if it's going to be an additional 2 months. We have no idea at the moment.

  • If it's going to be a longer period of time, is continuing to hibernate the business and benefit from the job retention scheme going to better protect the long term viability of the business.

  • If we move to zoom and outdoor sessions, do we still move to £39 for August, Sept and Oct as originally planned. If we don't it makes unfurloughing (is this even a word) the team financially unviable and if we do, we could cause more cancellations if we are not open and members aren't feeling the benefit.

  • We require landowners permission for our insurance to be valid, so we can't just rock up anywhere we like for our door sessions.

We will be aiming to update you all before the next billing cycle. We really appreciate your patience while we work through what's next.

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