• Dan

Time to kick the bucket

Throughout 2020 we are going to be making a number of investments to make DF even better. We are finally ready to announce Phase 1.

We understand how difficult it can be coming to train in a cold and damp facility. We haven't been ignoring this, we've been working hard in the background.

We will be installing a new roof and aiming to make the building air tight. This will stop leaks and should improve the ambient temperature of the gym.

Throughout Phase 1 the gym will remain open as normal. The only disruption will be to parking. You may have to park a little further from the gym, but this will help improve your step count.

Work is expected to start in 6 weeks, but poor weather may delay this.

Future phases are planned throughout the year, some may require us to close the gym for short period but we will keep you up to date when we have more information.

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