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What does Lock Down mean for DF

Hope you're all well.

The Government stay at home update means no member of the team will be working from the gym and all streams will now be completed at the coaches home. Obviously this means we have to take a practical view of streaming times as we need to be conscious of our families and we don't want to take over our houses in this difficult time.

From this evening we will now be streaming at 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri and Sat at 9am. You can now book onto these streams via the app so we can still check on you. These will then be immediately available on the Facebook page.

Session 1 will be on Mon & Tues, Session 2 on Wed & Thurs and Session 3 on Fri & Sat. We will be doing 2 week cycles to keep the sessions as interesting as possible, but please forgive us as there is likely to be some repetition due to being restricted on times

We are still working on other options for people who don't use Facebook and I will be trialing a Zoom session ASAP.

Finally, I just wanted to say another big thank you for all the support you've shown DF and we really appreciate people keeping their payments active so we can not only continue to support you now but to make sure we are still around after all this is over.

This support is even more crucial as whilst we are still working from home on workout videos and the Biggest Loser we are not entitled to all the support from the government which has been announced.

Thank you so much.

Team DF

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