Helping you tone up and lose a little bit of weight

To tone up it’s important your diet and training are complementing each other. Both our membership options will get you moving in the right direction, however depending on how much help you need along the way will determine which membership will be best suited for you..


Our “Essentials” membership is aimed at people who are self-motivated but may be confused by conflicting information they read about weight loss and toning up, and just need pointing in the right direction. We take care of the training sessions and give you the knowledge, tools and accountability you need to ensure your diet is supporting your goals.


Our “Complete” membership is for those who need a much more hands on approach. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to toning up and we work with you to put together a plan, specific to your goals, taking into consideration your lifestyle.

We provide daily support and track everything to make sure you're making progress.



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